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Advanced Hydraulic and Machine is your best source for hydraulic parts, serving the entire North American continent. This page is a partial list of what we sell and the manufacturer names in many categories. Email us for pricing and availability at info@advancedhydraulic.com, or for immediate attention call Toll-free: (877) 238-4936 (Outside Casper area).

Accumulators Accumulators, Inc.
Actuators Flo-Tork
Ball Valves  
Brakes Ausco
Controls Allen Moog PQ
Coolers Hayden Hayes Thermal Transfer
Cylinders (Hydraulic & Pneumatic) Atlas Bimba Chicago Chief Commercial Cross Cunningham Enerpac Flairline Hanna Hyco Hydro-Line Lion Marion Miller Monarch Nopak OTC Prince Sheffer Wabco
Filler Breathers Flow Ezy Jelliff
Filters & Elements Can-Flo Cuno Fairey-Arlon Flow Ezy Gresen PTI PX Filtration Rosedale Schroeder Wlikerson Wilkerson
Fittings & Adaptors Aeroquip Brennan Dixon EverFlex Weatherhead
Flanges Anchor Flange Flanges, Inc.
Flow Meters Hedland
Gauges Marsh/Marshaltown SMC
Gear Products Boston (Boxes) Federal (Drives) Hub City (Boxes) Marco (Boxes & Drives)
Hydraulic Tube  
Heavy-Equipment Parts Caterpillar Clark-Michigan
High-Pressure Fittings Autoclave Hipco
Hydraulic Hose Aeroquip Gates
Lube Pumps Alemite Graco Lincoln National Spencer
Lubrication Equipment Aro Lincoln Lubriquip Trabon Wilkerson
Motors, Hydraulic Char-Lynn commercial Danfoss Denison Dyna-Power Eaton Hydrostatics Geartek North American Hydraulics Rexroth Rineer Staffa Sundstrand TRW Ross Vickers White
Oilers Trico
Pneumatic Products Amflo Norgren Watts
Power Units Custom-built in our shop!
Presses, Arbor & Hydraulic Dake
Pressure Switches Pressure Devices
PTOs Chelsea Munchie Spicer
Pumps, Hydraulic John S. Barnes Commercial Continental Danfoss Denison Dyna-Power Geartek Graco Komatsu Monarch Muncie Nachi North American Hydraulics Oilgear OTC Parker Permco Poclain Prince Racine Rexroth SC Pumps (High-pressure) sprague (Teledyne)(High-pressure) Sunstrand Tuthill Tyrone Vickers
Quick Disconnects Cien P.C.I. Snap-Tite Tomkins Tomco
Regulators Wilkerson
Reservoir Accessories Hydro-Craft UCC
Rod-Chrome & Stainless  
Seals (O-Rings, Chevron Seals, Poly Seals, Cylinder Seals Kits, Wipers, Backup Rings, Etc.)
Apple Rubber Cool Pac
Shock Absorbers Ace Controls
Sight Gauges Federal Brass Lube-Devices Oil-Rite
Speed Reducers FairField Heco
Valves Automatic Barksdale Brand Char-Lynn Circle Seal Commercial Continental Cross Crouzet Deltrol Eaton Hydrostatics Engineered Controls (Rego) Gatco Gresen Husco Kay Kepner Mac Numatics Prince Republic Skinner Sterling Sun Vickers Wabco Waterman
Winches Braden Gearmatic Pullmaster
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